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everyone knows independent creatives and freelance writers are over-paid, money-grubbing know-it-alls who "earn" ridiculously inflated salaries. #amiright? 


while we've come up with our own rate structure, you may be interested in what a national organization like the Editorial Freelancers Association says what you can expect to pay for creative services.


take time to shop around for the best rates to fit your budget, but we're confident you'll find our fees are either in line or less than industry standards across the board. feel free to contact us for a no-obligation price quote on your project. 



graphic design


custom apparel


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blue13's writing services start at $50 per hour depending on the scope of the project.


proofreading: ($35/hour)

correct indisputable errors only: checks for misspelling, typos, incorrect punctuation, incorrect grammar, errors in word usage and related changes.

copyediting: ($50/hour)

check style and consistency: proofreads, but also monitors formatting (consistency in titles, type face and style, margin placements for lists and headings), fact-checking for common information and style guidelines. cross-checks citations with references, validates data in figures and tables. queries the author and suggests improvements in syntax for clarity and cadence. does NOT make substantive changes to content.

substantive editing: ($65/hour)

clarify, revise and refine: proofreads and copyedits but also makes relatively minor changes or recommendations on what to delete, rearrange or rephrase to eliminate potential confusing, redundant and/or inappropriate jargon. queries the author about apparent gaps or contradictions in text. improves content by suggesting more accurate or comprehensive phrasing and coherent structure of ideas. may amend copy by multiple authors to achieve a more consistent tone.

developmental editing: ($80/hour)

assist cultivation of content: works with the author from idea inception, raw materials or early stages of development. advises on organization of material and format including appendices, graphics, photos, tables, charts or figures (if applicable). likely to suggest revisions and rewrites of material but does not necessarily proofread or copyedit.

graphic design

the designer's proverbial dilemma: hourly vs. per project. we have the answer! it depends. some projects are best priced hourly and some are better suited for overall completion fees. unfortunately there's no magic bullet. in general, blue13's design services fall around $50 per hour depending on the client's needs.

a couple resources we regularly share with clients and find tremendously helpful come from the American Institute of Graphic Design:

while searching for a graphic or web designer, blue13 encourages you to shop around for the best rates to fit your budget. as with all our services, we are confident that you will find our rates either in-line or below industry standards.


website design costs vary greatly depending on your needs. a simple landing page could cost as little $1000 whereas an elaborate business site with multipurpose functionality could cost $5K-$10K or more. it's virtually impossible to say how much blue13 would charge without knowing what type of site you need. however, what is true with our other rates is also true with web design: our prices are either in line or below industry standards.

this pricing grid will help you determine close estimates for what you can expect to pay for apparel printing. the numbers here represent a full 11" x 14" silk-screen on which we can fit multiple images. like most creative services, it is difficult to provide exact pricing without knowing project specifics. feel free to contact us anytime for a free, no-obligation quote.


*note: prices do NOT include garment costs. 10-piece minimum on all orders.

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